Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Fair Book Date Event

Looking for that perfect read for February but have no idea what to read in that HUGE to be read pile? Why not let someone choose your perfect match for you?

If this sounds like a good idea to you, then sign up for our My Fair Book Date event going on for the entire month of February!

Where?: Right here on Down the Rabbit Hole and over at Books!!!!!

When?: The entire month of February

When you fill out the form, you will become matchmaker to someone and will also become set up with a matchmaker of your own!

As a matchmaker, you will research from the list of books provided for you on the form and pick out your perfect match by checking up on reviews and/or recommending one that you read and loved from the list! Then, you will send us your book choice to set up your friend on a blind date with and a short description as to why you choose that match for them. You'll also provide a short paragraph as to why you choose that book for your friend which will be used later. The catch is that your friend won't know it's you till the end of the month!

Your secret matchmaker will pick a book and we'll email you with the title. Then you'll go on a blind date with that book through the entire month of February. At the end of the month, you'll fill out a survey rating your date (it will be about 10 questions) to see if your matchmaker did a good job. We'll send over the identity of your matchmaker and the reason why they choose your match to include in your post.

Then you link up your survey and are entered into a giveaway where two random picks will win a book of their choice from The Book Depository!

To sign up, all you need to do is fill out this form. *Sign-ups will be open until February 4th and you will receive the information for your matchmaking February 5th.*

Also, if you'd like, snag a button:

This month is all about current reads. But we need people to guest post about past blind dates they had with books. If you'd like to write up a one or two paragraph guest post on a YA book someone recommended that you ended up loving, please sign up below. If you could do it for the earlier dates, please specify. The sooner we get these posts, the better!

This February...Come meet your match!


  1. Awesome! I love this challenge. Could use a little boost to finish my TBR pile more quickly:D

  2. OMG what a cute idea...I am totally in!! I tried to fill out the top little questionnaire but couldn't find the submit button any where...But I am def. wanting to do this. Amber you come up with the most creative ideas..I love it!

    1. Tee, you should be able to scroll down in the google.doc on the page. If you can't let me know and I'll email you the link

  3. This is SO cute! I just signed-up to guest post! And I'm signing up for the matchmaker/book date as well! YAY!

  4. Love this! I'll definitely be participating :)

  5. Yeah Anber..maybe it is my computer but it is giving me no scroll bar..its like 1/2 of the doc is cut off =o/. If you would email me I would greatly appreciate it


  6. yeay! loving this. Signed up for the blind date and also a guest post :D

    can't wait for it!

    - juhina

  7. I love this idea! Just signed up for the matchmaker and guest post as well.

  8. This is such a great idea! I love it. :)

  9. What a great idea! Just signed up!

  10. Awesome idea. Can we sign up even if we're not part of the blogging community?

  11. This is such an adorable idea!! :) I totally am signing up! :) But, I have one question... I want to put the button on my blog but I didn't see the html can you give it to me please or post it? I would totally appreciate so I can share this awesome idea!!

  12. If the form is cutting you off like it was for me, you can use this link:

    I found it in the html!

  13. I've read my book, ready to write my review... do I need anything else? :)

  14. I'm wondering...will we ever meet our matchmakers? I'm rather curious about who mine might be.
    I've read, reviewed, and waited, but haven't heard anything about who my matchmaker may be.

    ~Debz @ Debz Bookshelf


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