Thursday, January 12, 2012

And the reason is this... and Bout of Books Update 3

Hey guys! I sort of disappeared today and yesterday as well and I feel bad. I've been trying to stay sane (impossible for the insane) but two days ago, something wonderful and terrifying happened.

We feed a stray cat outside and I was putting down food for him when two little kitties (6 months to a year old) ran up and decided to join in on the dinner party. They are both super cute and one was very nice. We took her in from the outside and decided to name her Isadore.
We named her after the Incubus song Isadore (and if you are counting that puts our total number of cats up to five). But she has a brother who was much more scared of humans. Well, he was until last night. Then he pranced right up and started acting as sweet as our little Izzie. So I told my hubby we needed to take him inside too and find a home for him. For now I'm calling him Boyd (Brandon Boyd is the lead singer of Incubus):
So I've been taking care of both of these little ones. I'm really looking to find Boyd a good home. I know I can take him to the Humane Society but the fact is, black cats don't get adopted. They just don't. I feel I owe it to these little guys to find Boyd a home. He's such a sweetie. He just needs a little love and attention.

So that's why I've been a little MIA. It also explains my stats for today's read-a-thon:

Pages: 50
Total pages: 120
Total number of books I’ve read: 0
Books: 0


  1. Aw I hope you are able to find a home for the little guy. They are adorable and your a great person for taking them in.

  2. Aw--yay for cute and sweet kitties! And double yay for you for rescuing them. They'll be a great addition to your life (and little lap warmers when reading).

  3. Well at least you have an excuse..I have yet to make it through one book..I am ashamed of myself..I can understand why people don't adopt black cats..they have bad reps. I was surprised to learn people don't adopt black dogs either. Good luck finding the kitty Kat a good know it will just end up with you ..that is what happens to me and dogs. I swear my house is the last stop on the underground railway for runaway dogs!

  4. We have four of our own but I keep bringing in the needy too. Its hard. Contact one of your local indie rescue groups. They'll usually help you an adopter if you're willing to foster the cat.


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