Friday, May 27, 2011

Where I've Been... Or My Ode To The Vampire Diaries T.V. Show

Some of you might have noticed I've been a little absent from the blogging world as of late. This is true. And I have a very good reason for it. Ladies and gentleman (I know there is at least ONE guy out there), please meet the reason why:

Yup, that's right. I'm currently addicted to The CW's The Vampire Diaries. I just went on a binge-r that could totally rival Stefan pre-Elena. Seriously! I had my wonderful husband download both Season 1 and 2 and have been staying up to the ridiculously early hours of the morning to watch them all. I am all caught up and ready for season 3!

So let me take this time to tell you this: The Vampire Diaries is REALLY good. I'd seen the first three episodes and was mildly interested but by episode 4, it becomes a little like crack. All of the characters are so well fleshed out, every episode has a plot twist (or five) that will leave you with your mouth hanging open, the scenery is gorgeous and the acting is surprisingly really good. 

Here are some things you need to know:

  • Thinking about watching the show? Well, you should! Give it six episodes to catch your attention and then sit back and relax as every episode expands the world and it's characters just a little bit more.
  • I am Team Damon. For those of you who don't know me, this is HUGE news. I am that typical viewer who always like the first boyfriend. Therefore, I should like Stefan for Elena but I don't... I think the chemistry between Damon and Elena on screen is undeniable and while I like Elena and Stefan, I'm not rooting for them as a couple.
  • I want to live at Mystic Falls. This show does an incredible job of creating a town that feels real and full of history. It's like it's own living breathing character. Then through diaries and people who lived at the time, it tells it's own story. The Tomb, the house where the witches were burned, the Grill, the Salvatore house all feel like real places. Places that make me smile and feel like home. Amazing!
  • The acting is really good. I know, I'm shocked too! The first two episodes sort of felt like an equal version of the Twilight movies- you know, not terrible but just enough to make you wish you were watching it alone instead of in a big theater-- but after that, the actors really start to understand their characters. I've been a fan of Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) since her Degrassi days and I must say, as the lead she really doesn't disappoint. She's strong, her chemistry with both actors of the male leads is undeniable and she makes you want to be Elena's friend. Great! This show had me shedding some tears several times.
  • The minor characters are developed too. The ex-boyfriend who is still in love with the lead character? He's got a storyline. The school bully? Yup, him too. The annoying friend? Hers is there. The lovable little brother? Even he gets his chances to shine! Everyone is fleshed out and it becomes those minor characters that make the show fantastic. This is one of those rare shows that when they flash back from a commercial break, I don't mind that a subplot is expanded instead of what I just saw. I care about all of them!
  • The Salvatore brothers are my second favorite brothers on t.v. right now! My first will always be the Winchesters. Sam and Dean? Amazing! But Damon and Stefan Salvatore are very close seconds. I love their loyalty, the way their story lines intersect, the trials they are put through with each other and sometimes, by each other. Both are still revealing parts of their very long and complicated pasts and they are both evolving on the show. It's a pleasure watching them.
  • Last, let's not lie. Everyone on this show is gorgeous. From the guys to the girls, they all look perfect and they know their roles. I'm sorry but what's not to love?

So now like the rest of the fans, I am desperately craving a hit from one of my new favorite series on t.v. I'll tell you all one thing, summer has never seemed so long and so hot before! Enjoy the break guys, because I want all my actors/actresses ready to tape in the fall. I, for one, will have my channel flipped on come Thursday nights at 8 pm this fall!


  1. Sam and Dean yeah! I've never watched Vampire Diaries but you've got me considering it, sounds pretty good. Have you seen Dean in the Dark Angel t.v. show? It's an awesome series, but only lasted 2 seasons.

  2. Two things I have to say.

    Delena for the win! They are most definitely the better couple. Stefan can go jump off a cliff!

    Sam and Dean rule. *hi fives* So glad you like Supernatural ;)

  3. I've been meaning to watch this and keep just thinking 'one day'. But now I'm putting it to the top of my 'must watch' list! I love Sam and Dean, so brothers who run a close second sounds like something I'd be interested to check out! Thanks!

  4. Team Stefan! I agree with everything else you said ...I totally LOVE the vampire diaries! I can't wait for the next season :)

  5. I love The Vampire Diaries! I am obviously Team Damon too (check out my sidebar!) I am so glad I pushed past the pilot episode and kept watching! Can't wait for next season!

  6. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, that last picture of Damon and Stefan is on my Nook! It's my screen saver ;)

  7. I LOVE Vampire Diaries. Started watching when it first premiered and I had read the books. I must say the show is a lot better than the books.

    Yes, the Winchester boys are my favorite brothers and the Salvatore's are my second favorite.

    pepsivanilla - I LOVED Dark Angel and watched it when it originally on. I own both seasons. And I loved Jensen Ackles in it too. I was so glad when they brought him back as Alex since they had killed off Ben.

  8. I love Vampire Diaries either! It's so good! But I've only watched season 1. Mainly because I'm busy with schoolwork. Also, I don't like waiting for the next episode. It feels like waiting for ages. Anyway, it's breathtaking! I'll possibly watch it in the summer holiday. And I love Damon too! He's charismatic! I like his eyes, especially when he is hypnotizing people! Love it!

  9. I use to watch TVD, but I fell behind during season 1 and have been trying to catch up every since. I think I'm going to have to get season 1-2 and some popcorn and the boyfriend and start watching hehe. I totally have to agree Sam and Dean totally stole my <3 =o)

  10. I've been a HUGE fan of TVD since the very first episode. I absolutely love Stefan and Damon, they are my favourite characters as of right now. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I was out the day Season 1 came on DVD, and I'm anxiously awaiting season 2 - oh, the season 2 finale...watched it 4 times already! Fabulous show!

  11. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show! Last month it took over my life when I started watching the second season in one go. And I couldn't wait for the remaining episodes to air. I've been addicted to the show since its beginning.
    And I agree with all those points you mentioned. I thought I was done with vampires but this show takes it to a whole new level. Awesome characters, a pulse racing plot-line with just the right balance of romance and action - what's not to love?
    Plus, it helps that everyone is so bloody good-looking.

  12. Yay!! I adore Vampire Diaries, for all the reasons you stated. I think it's tremendously well acted, and everyone on the show is important, yet the writers aren't afraid of shaking things up. Every week has twists and turns, leaving you wanting more right away. I just think it's amazing.

  13. This is a GREAT show! I am super impressed with most of the acting and how well everything is written. I'm totally team Damon too, but partly because Ian Somerhalder was on Lost and he stole my heart as Boone. And the Elena/Damon chemistry is strong, because they are actually dating in real life. LOL.
    Can't wait for season three!!

  14. Damon's sarcastic wit makes the show for me, and I've always wanted him to end up with Elena since day one. The scenes where he shows his suffering are memorable tear jerkers. Stefan seemed to be a little *too* good to be true, but we're going to see a whole new side of him in season 3. I really, really like Caroline and how fun would that be to see her with Tyler? I was worried they'd kill her off for a while, but I'm glad she's still around. Alaric and Jenna....*tears up** Nobody will watch the show with me though. I don't know a single person that watches the show. I hope the CW doesn't cancel it. I heard Nina Dobrev was dating the guy that played Mason, Tyler's brother, but now there are rumors of her dating Ian. Hmmm, she's 22 and he's 33. I like them on screen, but in real life--that's just creepy.

    The Winchesters are my favorite brothers, as well. I love Dean...wait! I'm noticing a pattern here. I must favor the strong, tough, selfless suffering type! Supernatural is great.

  15. LOL! I love this show, too! And while my husband will not admit it to anyone...he is ready for Season 3 to start, too! :)

  16. I love the show for the reason you stated. I wasn't sure how I was going to like the show because I didn't like the book at all. It did take a few episodes to get to interested and now I'm hooked!


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