Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happily Ever Endings

And they rode into the sunset to live happily ever after... until book two.

Happily Ever Endings is a reoccurring post I'll be doing to chronicle the ending of novels that are going to be in a series. That way, if you can't remember what happened in the previous novel, you can have a quick refresher and be ready to go!

I've already posted two:
I got a note from Bella over at Cheezyfeet saying she'd decided to start doing these posts too. She's recently done one for:
I think that's incredible because, as sad as it is, I can't read every single book in the history of ever. She asked me to start putting up a linky so she could post hers here and let me know about them. So that's what I'll be doing, every Thursday. I really hope everyone decides to join in!

Interested in joining in but afraid someone has already done the book you are reading? E-mail me prior and ask! I'll keep track.

You can take a look at the books already completed as I'll be keeping them posted on my sidebar along with the blog the belong to.

So without further ado, here is the link up:

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