Monday, April 11, 2011

A Wedding... The Stunning Conclusion to A Touch Mortal's Dream Day

When we last left A Touch Mortal, she was in quite a dilemma. Everything was set for her perfect day but the problem was, she he too many perfect guys. You all spoke and this is how it played out.:

A Touch Mortal waits for her perfect guy to show, looking all fancy in her veil and blingified (yes, it's a new word!) wedding ring. 

The preacher comes out to start the ceremony:
Oh yeah, you bet it's that guy!

And out walks her lucky bachelor:

That's right! You all have spoken and Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton wins by a hair. I have to say, it was pretty close between all the novels. Here's Angelfire's description:
Bachelor Number 4- Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton- Your typical nice guy, Angelfire has always been friends with the wonderful A Touch Mortal. He knows her, maybe better than herself because they've been good friends for many, many lives. Sweet, thoughtful and a bit angelic, he wants nothing more than to make her happy. Though that could be difficult for him since it's hard for him to admit his love.
Ms. Ambur, one of the lucky guests in attendance, knew it would be Angelfire because:
A Touch Mortal deserves someone who will treat her right, while the other bachelors are good choices, Angelfire knows her better than she knows herself. Angelfire knows and loves her, and I think A Touch Mortal will be tenacious enough to get him to face the fact that he loves her and stop him from denying their love. ♥
 Another guest, Ms. Andrea, said of the proud parents:
Because Courtney & Leah go together, lol! And their books are made of awesome, so why not?
Valia added on why she thought they'd be together:
Cuz I LOVE best friend romance!!!! :) 
Here's a photo of the happy couple:

Ms. Vivien caught the beautiful bouquet at the end and inside was a book of her choice from or The Book Depository for under $10.00. She was notified by email!

Hope you all had a great time at the party!


  1. I love marriages and I always cry! Congrats to A Touch Mortal and Angelfire! Congrats to Vivien too! :)


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