Monday, June 2, 2014

Etsy Shop Spotlight: Heart Felt Design

I'm always hunting around on Etsy for fun nerdy things and am amazed by the talent and creativity of some many shops I come across. One of my favorite past times is searching for Doctor Who stuff and that is how I came across this next shop.

Today, I'd like to feature Heart Felt Designs...

I feel for this shop because I think pillows are a lot more grown up looking for rooms than dolls or stuffed animals (though I have a few of those too). I just think that pillows are a great way to show off your nerdom without needing lots of shelf space. So I wanted to highlight a few awesome products from this shop that I would love to snag:

Harry Potter pillows ($30 each)
Made from top quality fabrics including anti pill fleece, allergen free fiber fill and eco friendly felt. All details are securely stitched on making this item safe for all ages. No fabric glue shortcuts here.
Anna and Elsa from Frozen ($30 each)

Supernatural's Dean, Sam and Cas ($30 each)

Link and Zelda ($30 each)

Harry Potter house ($35 each)

Aang and Appa ($30 each)

Sloth pillow ($30)
Hedwig pillow ($30)
As you can see, most of these in square and rectangular designs and are mostly $30. I think they are so stinking cute and would be perfect additions to my uber classy chairs. I can't have it too grown up in my writing room or it just won't be me.

What do you guys think of these fun throw pillow designs?

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  1. God I want one so bad! Totally checking out this shop now. I don't really need more pillows but who can pass these up!


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