Thursday, June 19, 2014

Etsy Shop Spotlight: FictitiousFragrances

Ever wondered what Gryffindor's Tower smells like? What about how The Doctor from Doctor Who or Castiel from Supernatural or Thor from The Avengers smells like? Well, now you can find out and have these scenes and more filling up your house!

In this week's Etsy shop spotlight, I wanted to feature a really awesome candle maker that is using her powers to make candles for your inner nerd. If candles arn't your thing, she also has roll-on fragrances and lip balm! I ordered three scents for my best friend for her birthday and we both loved the product! Not only did they smell awesome but they were well packaged and even had a cute thank you sticker attached to it. Check out some of my favorite products and stop by the store if you have some time!

On the Etsy page, it says the listing includes:

--Two (2) 8 oz. Candles
--Five (5) 3 oz Soy Melts
Choice of:
-- Ravenclaw Tower
-- Gryffindor Tower
-- Slytherin Dungeon
-- Hufflepuff Basement
-- Butterbeer
--One (1) .3 oz Roll-on Fragrance
Choice of:
-- Ravenclaw Tower
-- Gryffindor Tower
-- Slytherin Dungeon
-- Hufflepuff Basement
--One (1) .15 oz Lip Product
Choice of:
-- Pumpkin Pasties (chapstick)
-- Amortentia (lip tint)
This is a brand new idea and I absolutely love it! I'll be ordering this pack as a birthday gift to myself very soon. You can also find these fun fragrances and more:

Scents: Bergamont zest, earl grey tea leaves, sweet herbs
Scents: Leather, Pine Branches, Bergamont, Oakmoss
Scents: Dragon's Blood
Scents: Apple, cinnamon, pastry
Scents: Fresh cut grass, Juniper, Jasmine
And if you're like me and need to smell multiple scents, you can always opt for the pick 3 or 4 scents here:

Or maybe you just want to smell like Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Then you can try this:

Scents:  Berries, tea, roses, leather
I always love finding nerdy things on Etsy and these candles pretty much top it from me! I'd love to order a few for my new room.

Are you interested any of these scents?


  1. How awesome - I need to check out this shop now. I love nerdy things like this. My sister would LOVE some of these candles; she likes a different one for the various seasons. We'd both adore the HP and Doctor Who ones.


  2. I've seen another shop on Etsy that does similar stuff to this and I've been meaning to finally choose some things to buy. So hard though!


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