Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday Discussions: Do You Read When You Are Sick?

So this week has been shot for me because I've been recovering from the cold that has seemed to take everyone. It has left no person I know untouched. But since I've been sick, I haven't even cracked open a book. When I'm sick, even just a little, the idea of concentrating on words makes me feel even worse. I'm not sure if I'm worried I'll get a headache or make myself too tired but I can never convince myself to try.

So I want to know if you read when you are sick and if so, any tips?

I guess I could try audiobooks. When I'm sick I like to hear people talk or watch t.v. or listen to music but I don't like to focus very hard. Wonder if audio books would work for me.

Please sound off!


  1. I love this question, because like you I had the same dreadful cold this week. In response to your question I'd say it depends on how sick I am. The first two days of this cold I couldn't have read if I tried, but yesterday I surrounded myself with pillows and fluids on the nightstand and read for between naps. Although I will say I had a hard time concentrating but I'm not sure if that was from the cold or the book.

  2. I love to read when I'm sick. I'm moping about in bed all day anyway so I may as well read haha. You should try audiobooks next time. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  3. When I am sick I watch TV... I just don't want to read while I am miserable!!!

  4. I will depends on how sick i'm, if i have an headache no reading if it's just i can't go out and i'm tired i can read a little but i won't read book for review ( because i perfer to be in top condition for those) and i will pick a book i want to read but that i'm not completely fan over it that way i can stop when needed without feeling guilty and i won't over tax myself

  5. I don't read when I'm sick. I can usually only make it a few pages before my eyes droop. Reading makes me tired, and when I'm sick I'm already super fatigued. Usually, I'll have a marathon of one of my favorite tv shows. That usually cheers me up. Plus, since I've already seen it, I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything if I end up falling asleep. I was sick about a month ago and ended up getting through the first two seasons of Eureka. Love that show!

    - Jackie


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