Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Delirium as a T.V. Show!

So Delirium has been picked up for a t.v show by Fox which is awesome and right now they are knee-deep in casting, giving us loads of casting goodies daily. I thought I'd share some of the news I've been gathering since I've been watching it pretty closely.

First, Lauren Oliver explained that the t.v. show is going to be different than the novel. We will be meeting all of the characters in the first plot and some of the character's role have changed. But have no fear, they want to make for compelling television and a lot of times, that involves changing things to flow better on screen.

They've also announced quite a few character castings. I can't comment on them since I haven't read the books yet (which is very regrettable and something I plan on changing this year) but here is the cast thus far:

Emma Roberts as Lena
I've heard some people are upset about this casting and I'm kind of surprised by this. Everything I've seen Emma Roberts in (Nancy Drew, It's Kind of A Funny Story, The Art of Getting By, Scream 4) she has been wonderful. I actually really like her and think she is only getting better. So I think she is going to do a good job in this role.

Daren Kagasoff as Alex
So I'm not familiar with this actor. I've seen a few episodes of The Secret Life of an American Teenager and really didn't like it but since it's the only thing he's been in, I don't think it;s good enough to judge him yet. He might be epic in this role. I'm willing to wait and find out. I also read on Alice Marvels (an awesome site for book to movie news and other things) that he has been embracing the fandom. A girl tweeted him saying her 18th birthday was coming up and she was considering running into the woods. He replied saying "I'll be waiting" which I thought was super cute.

Jeanine Mason as Hana
This is another actress I'm not familiar with so I looked her up as well. She's been in a lot of things for one episode and is probably best known for her role in Bunheads (which I didn't watch). She'll be playing Lena's best friend. Since I don't know her or the material, there isn't much I can say about this one.

Gregg Sulkin as Julian
Now this name, I've heard of! I know he's been thrown around in several other wishlists for different characters and he's been in a few things I know of. First, he was in The Sarah Jane Adventures which is a spin off of Doctor Who but he was also in Wizards of Waverly Place too and I liked him in that. I'll be interested to see how he'll work for this show.

So there is the casting news. For those of you who have read it, what do you think? I'd also like to hear from those of you like me who haven't read it yet. Stoked or no?


  1. Jeaniene Mason is a dancer and she discovered because she won So You Think You Can Dance. I really like her but havent seen her act

  2. I love the cast for Emma and Daren!! not a big fan of the other two... especially Julian since I imagined him different.. (didn't he have blonde hair??)

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. I like it when they turn books into TV series, because you know that a lot of it will be changed so you're not really disappointed. I love Emma Roberts so I'm happy with that and I liked Gregg Sulkin in Wizards. I'm excited.

  4. Oooh thanks for sharing! I haven't read Delirium yet but I want to soon. Interesting casting - I'm kind of surprised Emma Roberts is doing a TV show, I thought she was trying to make it in movies. I LOVE Gregg Sulkin, he is so handsome.

  5. The only one I'm excited for is Gregg Sulkin. Love him!

  6. I'd only heard about Emma's casting, so yay for more news! I'm not a fan of the actor for Alex but just because all I've seen him in is "Secret Life" and I hated that show. His voice is weird, I feel like. Idk. But Julian is hot! I approve.

    But you know, I've got to say I'm way more excited about THE SELECTION being made into a TV show (after they canceled it at first). I really like the new casting for that one, and I'm REALLY hoping the show is good!!! I actually enjoyed those books a lot, despite most people disliking them, and Kiera Cass seems really cool.


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