Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you have loads of fun trick-or-treating and dressing up today. As for me, I'll be working so I celebrated a bit early. Here's some photos I took from my Halloween party on Saturday night!

Here's my table:
Spiderwebs are covering the ceiling!

I made graveyard dirt cakes:
Yummy cupcakes:
Worm sandwiches:
Rice crispies (in the form of gravestones, cats and skulls):
And mummy dogs:
I decided to dress up in the same theme as my blog. I'm the Mad Hatter (I got the costume from
The costume came early and was made of really great fabric. It was easy to wear, comfortable and people really dug the Alice In Wonderland theme! I plan on wearing the hat tonight at the police department.
Here's my husband dressed as Dexter Morgan from Dexter. He chose his kill suit:
It made me want to have a Dexter party sometime soon. I think we will and show the first few episodes from season 1. I'll pretty much build the whole kill room and make gross food. So excited!

My best friend went as Flo from the Progressive Insurance:
My cousin pulled an awesome Audrey Hepburn:

Here are some other guests:
In the end, it was a lot of fun. I love making fun foods and hosting parties. It was awesome!
Hope you all have an awesome Halloween. We had the best time ourselves. This is Halloween!


  1. Oh my, I love all the decoration and the FOOD! Those cupcakes and sandwiches look so yummy! 0_0
    And the Audrey Hepburn costume is my absolute favourite :)

    Have fun and happy Halloween!
    Books, Biscuits & Tea

  2. That Dexter costume made me smile. You should've played the Halloween episode from Season 1!

  3. Love your costume! Your party looked great and like lots of fun! Happy Halloween :)

  4. Looks like you had a fun time. Loved your costume-the cupcakes and mummy dogs looked yummy!


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