Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Needs Some Brains...

...And totally not in the zombie way you were thinking of!

I am working on snappy little saying for my rating system and I need some help brainstorming them. I'm trying to stick with the Alice In Wonderland theme. This is what I have so far:

5 Stars- Bandersnatch it now!

4 Stars- Mad for it!

3 Stars-

2 Stars- Ask Alice... to borrow it

1 Star- Off with its head!

What do you think? Have any suggestions for 3 stars or any alternate suggestions for the other four?


  1. Hmmm, well my first suggestion (before even seeing what you had) was to use the painting the roses red (/read) part. So if you really liked it, it painted 5 roses red for you, but if it was only so-so it left two of the roses white. Unfortunately, I don't know the book quite well enough to give you the kind of suggestions you're looking for, sorry!

  2. LOL my other half said number one should be 'put the dormouse to sleep'

    Still thinking on a number 3 - but it does sound like Tweedle Dee so maybe something about them? Or 3 - sit down with a pot of tea.

    Ok, I'm hopeless. Sorry :D

  3. What if for 3 you do something along the lines of "I'm not all there myself" (Cheshire Cat quote from the Disney cartoon version)? I do like Anne's suggestion though, and it would be cool if you could get pictures for it, like 5 red roses, 4 red roses and a white one, 3 reds 2 whites, 2 red 3 whites, 1 red 4 whites.

  4. Not sure if this would work for any of them, but the line "curiouser and curiouser..." comes to mind right off the bat. Neat idea to tie your rating descriptions in with the Wonderland theme!

  5. Like your suggestions so far, and i like the 'not quite there' suggestion from JesiMarie

    Will have a think and may come back. Love Alice In Wonderland :D


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