Friday, January 14, 2011

A-Z Reading Challenge

So this is a super fun challenge hosted by an amazing book blogger Book Junky over at The Thoughts of a Book Junkie. If you haven't signed up, I suggest you do! 

Here's the gist, all you've got to do is read 26 books- one for each letter of the alphabet. I decided to join this one because I am going to be reading books for other challenges anyways so why not get another list going? So I'm going for it!

Here's my list:

A- Always A Witch by MacCullough, Angelfire by Moulton
B- Beautiful Creatures by Kami & Stohl, Bad Taste In Boys by Harris
C- City of Glass by Clare
D- Demon Trapper's Daughter, The by Oliver
E- Entwined by Dixon 
F- Falling Under by Hayes
G- Gone by McMann
H- Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by McBride
I- Iron King, The by Kagawa
J- Jekel Love Hyde by Fantaskey
L- Lost Voices by Porter
M- Matched by Condie
N- Nevermore by Creagh
O- Once in a Full Moon by Schreiber
P- Paranormalcy by White
S- Slice of Cherry by Reeves
T- Torment by Kate
U- Unearthly by Hand
V- Vampire Stalker, The by van Diepen
W- Wither by DeStefano, Warped by Guibord
X- XVI by Karr
Y- You Against Me by Downham

So I'm not done with the list yet but getting close. So what are you going to be reading?


  1. Thanks for joining.... make sure you send me your address so I can send you your swag pack!

  2. Great list! I'm doing this one too!

    Jasmine (The Reading Housewives)

  3. looks fun, I think I will add it in my challenges

  4. I also joined this challenge and I don't have a Q or a Z book on my list either, haha

  5. This one does sound fun - and looks like you've got a great list lined up already! I definitely recommend Paranormalcy, Nevermore and Matched :)

  6. Great idea for a challenge! I'll have to try it


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