Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Across The Universe by Beth Revis Birthday!

I adored this novel and made no secret about it in my review of it. So it's time to celebrate its birthday and Penguin is helping us throw a bash! Check out this new exclusive video with Ms. Revis talking about Across The Universe.

In the video, Ms Revis talks a lot about the ship and how it is built and what it looks like. While the book does an amazing job explaining all this, the Across The Universe website has put together a fully illustrated map of the ship with description of what everything is for us to explore! This is one of the best things about the new website. When I was reading, I was completely transported to this ship and I'd mentioned that the atmosphere of Across The Universe was my favorite thing about it. On the website, you can now further explore this atmosphere and it is by far my favorite thing about this website too!

Can't get enough ATU?

If you're going to get one book this week or even this month, make it Across The Universe. As Will Ferrell said, it's "mind-bottling", you know, where something is "so amazing it puts your mind in a bottle".

To hold you over, here is a trailer. Gives me goosebumps...


  1. I'm dying to get off work to go pick this up! Gahhhh! I can't wait! :)

  2. Currently I'm reading this and LOVING IT XD


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