Tuesday, April 29, 2014

She is the One Called Sailor Moon

If you're a child of the 90's like I am, odds are you've at least heard of Sailor Moon. She was the chick equivalent to Dragonball Z.

I hardcore loved Sailor Moon growing up. I loved it even though no one else at my school did. None of my friends even knew what I was talking about when I sang the theme song or talked about how cray cray Serena was being. But I still rushed home every school day to catch the latest episode on Toonami.

The cool news is that they are actually re-booting the show! It's going to premiere July 14th and will air every other week (2 episodes a month) at 6:00 everywhere. They have chosen the same VA for Sailor Moon but the rest of the cast has been changed. No word yet on if they are going to dub it over into English.

The creators have stated that it will take out some of the filler fluff from the previous anime and stick a little closer to the manga. I haven't read the mange but I'm seriously considering ordering a few and trying them before the show starts. Apparently the manga gets a lot more into the back story of the Sailor Scouts and I am all down for that.

Since they are rebooting it, they are also redrawing it and have slightly changed the style of the characters. They just released some sketches which you can see here:

Serena (Sailor Moon)
Ami (Sailor Mercury)
Reni (Sailor Mars)
Lita (Sailor Jupiter)
Mina (Sailor Venus)
All photos from The Mary Sue
I'm really stoked about the reboot but I'm not loving the redesigns. Their legs have always been really long but they used to have some meat on them. Their boots used to be a little bit thicker suggesting some muscle. These limbs look like they wouldn't be able to hold them up. I'm hoping that when they are drawn for the show that they are slightly more realistic looking. Especially Reni's broken looking leg. They've also shrunk their heads from the original which I do like. It makes them look older and their proportions aren't as off any more. 

I'm excited to see the new places the show is going to go and what they can do with the scouts now that there are so many advances in technology. I probably won't wake my butt up at 6 AM to watch them but this is definitely something I'll DVR and look forward to checking out.

What do you guys think? Excited to see this show reboot or wish they would leave it alone?


  1. Like you, I loved this show when I was younger. I have them on my laptop (original and dubbed) and I've watched a few episodes but never got round to watching the rest. I probably won't watch this reboot because I live in NZ so I doubt it'll be here any time soon, and I just don't have the time. Hopefully it's good though!

  2. I'll have my eyes on this, too. I believe it's airing simultaneously in many countries so it doesn't get pirated, so it will be in English. :)

    I'm glad they're sticking to the manga, too. It's so much more romantic, and the characters are much more mature and less childish!

  3. Tuxedo Mask!!! Oh Man, did I ever have a crush on him when I watched the show! I was OBSESSED!! haha. I am pretty excited about this reboot. The child in me is over the moon!

  4. So cool! I loved sailor moon growing up :)


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