Monday, May 13, 2013

To Cancel or Not to Cancel: The Fate of T.V. Shows I Love

So the fall t.v. seasons are coming to an end one by one and as each one reaches it's finale, I stay tuned to see if some of my favorite characters will be coming back for another season. Quite a few are staying but I'm reading some sad news too. So stick around with me and see which of your favorite shows are making a return, which are in danger and which shows are getting their last call.

1) The Vampire Diaries (The CW)- I started watching TVD when it first premiered but stopped after the first few episodes. Then I found the first two seasons on Netflix and was hooked. The  season four final is fast approaching and good news for all of us, we'll be going back to Mystic Falls later this year for a fifth season of our favorite vampires, werewolves and witches (oh my!). This one is confirmed for another season. In fact, it's doing so well, The CW ordered a spin-off series with The Originals staring Klaus!

2) Beauty and the Beast (The CW)- This show debuted this year about the detective Catherine (Beauty) solving crimes with Vincent (the Beast) who has a bit of an angry issue thanks to a government experiment gone wrong. I flipflop with this show. I don't need to watch it every week but I have been keeping up and I'll be interested to see how they are going to shake things up in season 2. This show was on the fence for a little while but The CW ultimately picked it up.

3) The Carries Diaries (The CW)- I watched this prequel to Sex in the City every week and definitely got my fix of easy, breezy fun. However, I'd heard that ratings weren't great and this show didn't get picked back up by The CW right away,  Luckily, The CW believes in the show as much as I did because they've decided to renew it for another season. However, it is unknown just how many episodes have been ordered.

4) Cult (The CW)- I decided to watch Cult because I really liked Matthew Davis and thought the concept sounded really cool. Though I'll admit that they didn't take the time to develop the characters very well, I did enjoy the show and was sad to see when The CW pulled the remaining episodes from air. I do hope they put them out somewhere because this show was a lot of fun. It's just too bad others didn't see it. Cult has been canceled.

5) Supernatural (The CW)- A few years back, I started watching this show even among the rumors that season 5 would be the last season. However, Supernatural got renewed and is still going strong. The proof? It got renewed for a 9th season the same time as TVD.

6) Nashville (ABC)- I didn't mean to start watching Nashville. I told myself "no". But I took an overtime shift at work and my co-worker wanted to watch the first episode. I got hooked. Great music, a fun rivalry and loads of drama has kept me tuning in every week. Lucky for me, I'll be able to tune in for a season 2. It's been confirmed!

7) Once Upon a Time (ABC)- If you're anything like me, you were enchanted by Once Upon a Time season 1 and felt season 2 was a little lackluster. I liked the story line better after the second half but I felt like the spliting the family up should have been the second half of the season. However, we are definitely going to get a chance to see what the new world split will mean because Once Upon a Time has been renewed.

8) Smash (NBC)- Dueling divas, beautiful voices and fun, broadway music had me from the beginning. I think Smash's second season is even better. They did so much to try and save this show and in the end, it wasn't enough. Sadly, the two hour finale will be Smash's final curtain closing. Smash has been canceled.

9) Bates Motel (AMC)- I wasn't sure about this show. I love Freddie Highmore and Max Theriot so I decided to give it a whirl even though I've never seen Psycho and I am so glad I did. Creepy, well acted and so full of suspense, this show is gripping from start to finish. Happy to say the network agrees. The light on Bates Motel will stay on for another season. The renewal is confirmed!

Other shows I love coming to an end:

1) Dexter (Showtime)- Dexter really hasn't been canceled. Michael C. Hall and the producers have just decided to end the series on a highnote instead of dragging it on and killing it slowly (after all, Dexter does make his kills pretty kick). So season 8 will be Dexter's final season and I am terrified for the fate of America's Favorite Serial Killer.

2) How I Met Your Mother (CBS)- For years we've been waiting to meet Te'd wife, the mysterious lady that launched 8 seasons. The final season of the show has been announced and hopefully we finally will. Like with Dexter, this show still has good ratings and people still love it. They are just going to go out while people do instead of dragging it along. So prepare for one last season of fun and then get ready to say goodbye to Barney, Ted, Robin and Lily and Marshall (since those last two are one person).

So there you have the fate of some of my favorite shows. Anything you love that isn't going to be returning


  1. I love Bates Motel. I am glad it will be on again. I am sad about Smash. My mom loves that show ( I didn't watch it) and she swears it is one of the best shows out there.


  2. None of my shows got canceled, so I'm a happy girl! :) I agree that OuaT season 2 was sorta lackluster, especially in the middle. I always felt like Regina and Hook were the most interesting characters, and I know they can't just write off Snow White and Prince Charming...but I wish they would. But the season finale gave me hope that season 3 should be good!

    And you didn't mention it, but 'The Walking Dead' is my other favorite show, and it's coming back for a fourth season in the fall. Whoop! They're filming down here now, and I'm always so tempted to set crash. :)

    I'm pretty much over TVD. BUT! I can't wait for the Klaus spinoff. He's my favorite character, and I love that he and Elijah are getting their own show. IN NEW ORLEANS! YES PLEASE! :D

  3. I love Once and The Vampire Diaries!

  4. I am SO excited for the Originals! Like it's irrational. I might be done with TVD though. I'm kind of annoyed with ALL of the drama. I have just started watching Nashville (like this past week) and I absolutely love it. How did I wait so long before watching it?

    Oh TV...


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