Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Divergent Casting News!

The Divergent movie news is really rolling now that we've got out main characters. I'm please to announce that some of the adults have finally been cast. This is especially exciting as I've been waiting to hear who got the part of Tris' mother, Natalie Prior.

Ashley Judd as Natalie Prior
Tris' mother has to have a certain softness about her while still being able to keep her secrets (and turn into a badass). I'm not really sure about this choice. I've really only seen Judd in softer roles so I'm not sure how she is going to come off as Tris' mom. I'm cautiously optmistic about this casting.
Tony Goldwyn as Andrew Prior
Don't know much about this actor at all but I think he looks enough like Woodley (Tris) to be her dad.

Ray Steveson as Marcus Eaton
Now this looks like a good choice to me. This guy is bulky enough to be intimidating but also looks like he might have a silver tongue. I'm definitely all for this choice for Marcus Eaton!

What do you think of the adults? Is Ashley Judd going to be strong enough to stand up to Kate Winslet?


  1. Tony Goldwyn is a great choice for Andrew Prior! I freaking love him on Scandal!

  2. I think those are all great choices!


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