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Team Luc Post & Signed Bookmark Giveaway

Brodie over at Eleusinian Mysteries and Lisa at Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me are holding a fabulous February Event and part of it is love triangles debates. 

I've hosted these before but have never signed up to participate. So I decided, what the heck, and took the plunge. I got matched with one of the hottest guys around, Luc Cain, of Lisa Desrochers incredible series Personal Demons.So I wrote up a debate for him. You can check out the full post here (with Gabe's side and vote for the winner) but here is my post which I'm pretty dang proud of. Oh, and there is a giveaway at the bottom.

The name Luc Cain rolls off your tongue and just oozes sex appeal. You can already tell that what's coming is bad in the very beast way possible. And Luc has "so bad he's good" written all over him. He's literally "hotter than hell" and he knows because he's been there.

From the Personal Demons series by Lisa Desrochers, Luc is a demon from Hell sent to tempt Frannie over to the dark side by any means possible.Wrapped in the oh-so-tempting tall, dark, and handsome package, it's pretty easy to see why Frannie falls hard.

A smug little grin to kill, dark hair and deep dark eyes, I see Luc looking something like Grey Damon, who just has that look about him like he's up to nothing good.
While Gabe has this whole, breathe of fresh air thing going for him, Luc is about passion and heat. Gabe might be steady but he's also predictable. Luc is also always there but you never know what he's going to say or do next. As a demon his body heat is way hotter than a normal human which is perfect to snuggle up to. He looks good and he knows it which makes him come off as cocky-- after all, his Sin of choice is Pride--but he's intelligent and has a whip sharp tongue to match.

Don't believe me? There are plenty of examples in the book:
“Sii la mia schiava d’amore,” I purr.
Her expression is guarded. “What did you say?”
An amused smile pulls at my lips. “I’ll never tell.” Somehow, I don’t think she’d agree to be my love slave anyway.”
--Pg. 148 of "Personal Demons" by Lisa Desrochers

Yup, that's right. He speaks a different language, he reads and he paints. Sure, it's Hell he paints over his bed but it's just because he misses home.

But underneath all that sizzle is the one thing that will always set Luc apart from Gabe. It's isn't his charm or his heat or passionate. It's his love. Or rather, that he can. Because here's the ultimate thing: Luc loved Frannie when it  wasn't even possible.

Being a demon, love doesn't exist for them. They obey the devil out of fear and the other demons sometimes couple off out of lust but love doesn't exist in that fiery pit of Hell. Any yet, Luc falls for Frannie, seeing her beauty even when he is a demon. While mingling his soul with hers he comments:
I seek out her essence--her soul. And when I find it, it takes me breath away. I've never experienced anything close to its beauty: shimmering opalescent white shot through with silver... My slick, black obsidian essence swirls and twines with hers, and I'm embarrassed by the thick, oily fell of it compared to the silk of hers.
--Pg. 153 of "Personal Demons" by Lisa Desrochers

Sure, his love has a little to do with Frannie's power but he wouldn't continue loving her if he didn't want to. Because even when he leaves and is forced back to Hell and tortured by the devil himself to change out of his human form, Luc resists because he doesn't want to lose his love for Frannie.

He respects her strength, loves her vivacity, and goes against his own nature to make himself better for her. Where there is no love, he manages to find it and hold onto it with every last ounce of his energy, forsaking all else for her.

Why is Luc the better choice? Because like any good dish, he brings the intense heat followed by a brilliant flicker of sweet. He gives everything he has and goes deeper to find more when there isn't anything left. The answer is pretty clear. Plus, let's not lie, he isn't too bad to look at either.

 Join Team Luc where looking "hotter than Hell" is just one of the many perks!

Giveaway Time:
I spoke to Lisa Desrochers about this awesome debate I'm doing (because she is one of the coolest people around) and she sent along 4 signed books marks for The Last Rite. I'm tempted to say that you can only have one if you head over and vote for Luc (Luc is telling me this is perfectly acceptable and that his creator MEANT for it to be this way) but Lisa warned me that Luc can be a tricksy one so as long as you head over there and vote, I'm satisfied. 

  • This giveaway is international
  • All you need to do is leave a comment on my page telling me what you like about Luc or Gabe and that you voted in the original post over there. Also, leave me an email address (I should mention that if you leave a comment over there, you are entered into comments giveaway the girls are hosting for their event too)
  • Giveaway ends in one week (2/15)
  • Must be 13 years or older
That's it! Enjoy all the debates going on!


  1. i still have to read the first book ( i'm waiting for it to arrive) so it's difficult to say at the moment but from what i've read in review and such i prefer Luc


  2. I voted!! Would love to win a bookmark

  3. great giveaway
    follow via gfc

    I love Luc!

  4. I like Luc, mostly just because of his personality. Something about it is just, interesting. ericanicholas at gmail dot com

  5. I haven't yet read this series, but I'm looking to.
    Btw, isn't that the voodoo priest guy from The Secret Circle? :D

  6. I live for those sweet moments with luc. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing prize!!


    and of course I voted for Luc. :)


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