Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday Discussion: Why do you read?

When I wrote down this question, I was thinking more along the terms of why do you read instead of watching t.v. See my friend wants to read, she really does but then she watches t.v. instead. So I wanted to talk about this. But I figured an even better question would be why do you read at all? What's the purpose for sitting down every day and burying your nose into a book for as long as you can. So I'm going to talk about my reasons this week and then compare and contrast books and television next week.

There are a bunch of reasons I read but here's a very broad scope of them:

by DusterAmaranth
1) To learn- Reading helps me learn about different cultures, different situations, different places, different people. It just puts me somewhere else entirely and I learn something new every time I pick up a book. It's one of the things I love most.

2) To hone my craft- This goes a little bit with the learning thing. I'm an aspiring author so why wouldn't I read wants fresh and selling? I always laughed at the kids in my creative writing classes that "only read classics". While classics have merit, if you want to be a writer in modern times you need to know about your intended market. What's more you need to help boost your intended market. Every book you buy as a reader is another reason why publishers will buy your book one day. Without a market, no one will even touch your book. Not to mention, you can learn a lot about the craft by studying someone else.

by breathing2004
3) To make a new friend- By the end of a good book, I'll be in love with at least one character. That's what spending a couple hundred pages will do to you. I love looking over my shelf and remembering the adventures I had with Katniss from The Hunger Games.

4) For a goal- When I was in ninth grade, a teacher told us to make a list of things we'd like to accomplish in our lives. I don't remember a single one except "to own and have read 1,000 books". Every book I buy and read brings me one step closer to that goal!

5) To discuss- I'm as addicted to the written word as I am to talking about it with you lovely people. There is nothing I love better than sitting down to dinner and discussing how the slow sizzle of Tris and Four's relationship (from Divergent) was so incredible satisfying that I want to do it all over again.

by MaureenOlder
6) For funsies- Lame, I know but let's not forget the reason we all picked up a book in the first place. To occupy our minds, go on some amazing adventure and smile at the ending. I want to be entertained. I don't really see the point in reading if I don't want to see what's on every next page.

7) For the feeling- There is nothing better in the world then hoping out of a hot shower, feeling the warmth still clinging to the skin as you slide into bed and crack open a book. of falling in love when the heroine (or hero does) and rejoicing when they make their goal.

These are the reasons I can think of right now. I'm sure there are loads more and I'd love to hear them from you! So you tell me, why do you read?


  1. I read to get away... Sometimes things in real life just gets too overwhelming and it's either sleep or read. sometimes I don't want to sleep. And I love reading because I feel like it's my friend, it makes me happy/sad, but in the end, I love it. lol is that cheesy?

  2. I'm kind of like your friend, I always get distracted by TV or video games, or something online. Like now, I'm reading peoples blogs instead of reading the book I planned on finishing tonight :-P

    Thanks for posting this!
    Jex @ Everything and Nothing

  3. The main reasons I read? Because I love it. Because my life would be diminished without those stories. Because I can't imagine NOT reading.

  4. Although this seems kind of silly to say... I first started reading because it was an unspoken contest between friends. Who could read the most books in the shortest amount of time? Who could have the most AR points (points you get for taking a test on a book) after the school year ends? Of course, it wasn't a real contest, but I felt like it was. That's one reason.

    Another reason I read is because some books are SO GOOD. For example, the Harry Potter series or the Hunger Games series, and for my current obsession, the Divergent trilogy. Because of such great experiences while readings, I continue to. It feels awesome discovering a new book that just blows your mind!

    I really like your goal of "to own and have read 1000 books." I think I'm going to make that my goal as well. :D

  5. It is easy to get distracted by the tv and to just sit and watch something for one hour then that turns into three hours before you know it. However, I'm always at work at night so I miss all of the prime time shows so I really just don't connect with anything on tv anymore, I would much rather read. With reading I know the story will still be there for me even if I have to take a few days away from it, I can always pick it up whenever I want to instead of waiting for the scheduled time of a show.

    I read because I find it fun and I love escaping to a completely different world and falling in love with characters along the way.

    Thanks for the great post. :)

  6. I read to escape life - the pressure and negativity. I also read to meet new people, make new friends. Explore new places and find out about new cultures.
    Books can take you away and show you a whole new world. :D

  7. I read to live vicariously through the characters. I wish that was my life, even if it was a book about the apocalypse. Nothing happens in my life. And I read to get away sometimes, just to relax. I just LOVE reading. There's no real way to describe the feeling when you get into a book.

  8. I read because I get so passionate about it. Not just over the characters, but over the whole idea of reading and literature as a whole. It's just something I love. If I didn't have books or couldn't read, I would NOT be who I am today AT ALL. It has made me me; it's something I can't live without. So I read because it's who I am. It's what I crave, it's what keeps me going, it's my my life, and it's my ultimate passion. This all sounds quite dramatic I suppose but it's all true. I fell in love and once you fall in love you're stuck for life. So that's my main reason :) Cool topic! Made me think.

  9. This is a great question! I wrote up a response post and linked it.

  10. Or will link it, submissions aren't open yet! :(


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