Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Author Tweets & Giveaway with Angela Fristoe, author of Songbird

Today, I'm chatting with Angela Fristoe whose debut novel Songbird was just recently released. My review is coming up later but I will say that I loved this novel. It was all the right things-- sad, beautiful, and moving. Definitely recommend you check it out and hopefully this interview will help boost that statement.

The name of the game for this one is to answer in Tweet so 140 characters or less. Check out what Ms. Fristoe had to say about her novel, some of the music that is behind it and what YA book she's looking forward to!

1. Will you describe Songbird for us?

A heartbreaking novel about loss, friendship, love and moving on.

2. At the beginning of the novel, what type of tweet would likely be posted?

Songbird is sooo sad :(

At the end?

The tears were worth it!

3. Songbird is about loss. What is one thing you hope the reader takes away?

No matter how bad things are, keep yourself open and hope.

4. What is one of your favorite lines from Songbird?

A lot of people complain about the smell of hospitals, but for me it was comforting. The lingering scent of bleach mixed with the thick smell of cafeteria food always made me think of how frail life was and how in this one place it was safe to be weak.

5. Can you give us a soundtrack to the novel in 140 characters?

Shelter and Skinny Lovely/Birdy, Everywhere I go/Lissie, Arms/Christina Perri, Nothing Moves Me Anymore/Wonderland.  Think European indie music.

6. What YA books are you excited about right now?

Bad Taste in Boy by Carrie Harris. I love zombies, so I have high hopes here.

A big thanks to Ms. Fristoe for agreeing to do an interview! If you;d like to know more about Songbird, hop over to Ms. Fristoe's website or check it out on Goodreads!

Now it's giveaway time! Teen Book Scene is offering up a gently used print copy of Songbird for some ridiculously lucky person. So here's all you have to do:

  • Fill out the form below
  • This is a US contest only
  • Contest ends July 5th
  • You may only enter once
  • Leave a comment here for Ms. Fristoe
  • You must be 13 years or older

Good luck to everyone!

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  1. I am a big zombie fan myself! Thanks for the interview.

  2. I love the cover for Bad Taste In Boys. High hopes myself.

  3. I love this cover. I'm really looking forward to reading this book :)


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